We are very vigilant of the material we run through our crusher and put in our stockpiles. Currently the base we are producing is -1.5" grade. We do whatever it takes to provide the most consistent material possible.  Crushed road base that meets all of the standards for certified base in the state of Texas is also available.


Crushed oversize works very well for erosion prevention. It is 3-5" inch screened rock to ensure there is not smaller material present. It is ideal for any situation in which water erosion is an issue. 


The caliche we sell is in the 3-4 inch diameter range, with plenty of fines to set up very well in a fill application. We find many customers in the oilfield and ranching industries that prefer this product due to its price and its ability to stand up on rarely traveled roads.


We offer clean fill sand for pad foundations and other land leveling needs. It is clean windblown sand in drifts that make it perfect for setting forms before concrete is poured.

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